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Julianne Mundle

is a Jamaican-Canadian, young adult fiction author. She writes powerful female protagonists who are too bold, too loud, too strong, and rich in colour.

Who is Julianne?

Julianne Mundle is the author of Shoot Your Shot and Come With the Fire. Receiving a BA from McMaster University, her creative nonfiction has been published in McMaster’s, The Silhouette and The Writers Collective of Canada’s third anthology entitled Front Lines. Born in Manchester, Jamaica, Julianne lives in Brampton, Ontario, with her husband. When not writing, you can find her travelling home to her beloved island or reading stacks of books.

Motivation for Writing

When I moved to Canada in 2010, my simple life became complicated. It was a shocking transition for my whole family. I traded in island life for anxiety, differences in cultural beliefs with peers, discrimination and social marginalization, navigating my culture and Canadian culture. It was a lot to handle. So I began pouring myself into my writing and slowly my experiences and imagination melted into the beginning of Come With the Fire. 

Come With the Fire is a relatable story for readers who understand the experience of living between old and new countries while exploring old and new identities.

Meet The Author


Julianne Mundle is Writing Stories the Black-Caribbean Diaspora Youth Deserves